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New Land Deal

New Land Deal

New Land Deal

A year ago the 2015 budget was made, building projects and programming priorities were set, and the calendar was filled in. We were ready for 2015. Then January came!

An Unexpected Blessing of Faith

An unexpected blessing of faith unfolded before our eyes and fell into our laps. It was an opportunity we could not ignore. God was answering prayers in a way completely unexpected. A way that was not part of the budget, the calendar, or anyone’s vision for the future.

Our first priority for the coming year was to begin the process of developing bathroom facilities' near the pavilion area of the camp. The second concern was how to bring water, restroom facilities, electricity, and parking to our corral area where we have horsemanship camps.

In 2014 we were able to double the size of the corral and improve the riding area. Despite these improvements, we still had to make a significant investment for restroom facilities, parking, etc.

As much as we needed these improvements, we were limited in what we could do for the time being. Portable generators and the blue portable comfort facilities would have to work for the next couple of years.

God Had Other Plans

What we didn’t know was that God had other plans. From January to March, God brought us into contact and negotiation with our neighbors who were looking to sell their two acre property right next to the corral. It was evident from the beginning that purchasing the property had everything we needed and more. It was perfectly located. It has a drilled well, modern septic system, utilities, and room for parking. It also gave us a safe and improved area for horse traffic to and from the corral.

Now the only issue was how we were going to pay for it. We had some money in savings for a rainy day, but not near enough to pay for the property and hardly enough for a down payment without affecting all the planning we had just done.

In March of 2015, Stoney Point Camp became the proud owners of 1475 Stoney Point Road. With the help of a knowledgeable banker, financial gifts to the camp, and God’s grace, we were able to purchase the property.

We have a lot of work to do to see it come to its full potential. At the present time, the barn is storing hay for the horses and lumber for a future lodge. The lodge will include a front office, all-purpose facility, bathrooms, and kitchen.

The property has a couple of outbuildings, that with some improvements, will be very helpful to the camp. We have removed a number of sheds, animal pens, and miscellaneous items that we do not need. There are a number of improvements that we would like to make to the property before the summer of 2016.

Since we have purchased the property, we have continued to see God bless in helping to pay down the loan. We are three quarters of the way there already. Because of God’s blessing we now owe just $11,100.00. It is our goal to pay it off by the end of 2016. We look forward to seeing how God will continue to use this property for His glory as we seek His leading.

Update Since Publication

We now only owe $8,600.00 for the land. We are meeting with an Engineer February 3rd to begin the planning for the new Lodge/all purpose center. We are very excited about what God is doing.

Camper Comments: See What People are Saying

Great place, great people!! God's hand is evident all around!

Person: Kimarie G.

Looks like the kids have been having a great time and learning a lot about those amazing creatures!

Person: Doreen G.

Absolutely wonderful camp! The staff is amazing and their love of Christ and the children is so evident! They go all out for these kids. We will definitely be back next year and if you've never been to one of their camps, please do your child a favor and sign them up! Thank you to everyone at Stoney Point for am awesome week!!

Person: Brooke H.

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