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Whitmoyer Fall Update

It’s been a while…since you’ve heard from us. A lot has changed in the past year. We are thankful the camp has been able to have all its events this year. Another blessing is our growing family. Not only did we add a puppy to the mix, but we are expecting our second child, a daughter, come November. We are excited God is adding a little one to our family! In July…our son Walker turned two and has been talking up a storm ever since. He loves all things outside: trucks, tractors, animals, and mud! We sure do not have a shortage of any of those activities here at camp. After the busy season of summer, a washer and dryer were installed in the Lodge. This may seem like such a little thing, but having to lug wet clothes over the hill with a toddler is hard work and would be even harder once our little girl comes. We are thankful for washing and drying on site. In the future…we are still praying and hoping to have a place that will fit our growing family. That will not only provide a larger space for our family, but will also open up the Ox-trail Lodge for more events to take place. Please continue to pray for the next steps in this process. We are looking forward to our fall events and are super excited for next year. Sincerely, Cody and Cora

Cody, Walker, Cora

Having someone here at camp all year round has proven to be invaluable. This past camping season Cody has had a good lay of the land allowing him to help in promoting, directing, designing, and building many areas of camp. We have appreciated his ingenuity in designing the challenge course, directing spring and fall science camps, and being the Teen Boys Adventure Camp speaker. We praise the Lord for supplying their needs and increasing their mission’s support over this last year. They are still working towards 100 percent monthly support, but we praise God for His supply each month. T. Hiduk

Camper Comments: See What People are Saying

Thank you Hiduke family for having a horsemanship camp,to help train our next generation on a Christian way of doing things right.

Person: David C.

Great place, great people!! God's hand is evident all around!

Person: Kimarie G.

Looks like the kids have been having a great time and learning a lot about those amazing creatures!

Person: Doreen G.

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