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2024 Sap Run 5K April 27

2023 Sap Run 5K

Many feet waiting for the start of the race

Ahead is the start line, this must be the place

At the ring of the bell, their off in a flash

Soon on the trail, it will be hard to pass.

Around the trail twice, it wont be easy,

Don't go to fast, you may end up queasy.

Across the finish, give the runners a Handshake

You've done well, now lets go for some Pancakes

Thanks to all who were able to come out for this years Sap Run 5K. If you missed the day, we hope to see you next year! The standings of the race are linked down below. If you would like to also see the previous years results, they are also linked below.

2023 Race Results

2022 Race Results

Camper Comments: See What People are Saying

My kids LOVED attending the Jr nature day camp! All three of them couldn't wait for the next day!

Person: Kara W.

Great place, great people!! God's hand is evident all around!

Person: Kimarie G.

Looks like the kids have been having a great time and learning a lot about those amazing creatures!

Person: Doreen G.

Want to Help?

If you want to physically help out or assist with prayer needs, contact us to learn more.
For financial support you can give online by clicking the Donate button below.