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Meet the New Guy!!! Jayson our Camp Manager

Stoney Point Camp is excited to introduce you to Jayson Jongquist who has joined our team this fall. Jayson loves the Lord and loves people. He has studied at Crown College, worked in youth ministry, and he is excited to put his gifts and talents to Kingdom work here at camp. He loves to see people come to know the Lord and grow in their faith as God's plan for their lives unfold.
Jayson is originally from Bemidji, Minnesota, and has lived throughout the country during his career with Gander Mountain. Most recently he has been living in Winchester, Virginia. However, he is no stranger to SPC's home in Northeast PA. Since 2016, Jayson is a frequent guest of our area pursuing his love of shooting sports, hunting, fishing, and anything outdoor related.


Hello! I'm New Here!
My name is Jayson Jongquist, and with great joy and honor, I introduce myself as Camp Manager at Stoney Point Camp! I am pleased, humbled, and blessed with this opportunity to serve and minister here in the beautiful Endless Mountains Region of Northeast Pennsylvania. I am beyond thrilled to be part of Stoney Point Camp's strong and purposeful legacy that exalts God and provides a beautiful setting to enjoy God's creation, enjoy fellowship, espouse friendship, encourage learning through science camps that showcase the wonders God has made, and to enrich our relationship with God as we explore the Bible; learning His word!

What does a Camp Manager do?
Great question!!! There's no comprehensive list! There are summer counselors to help train for Kids' Camps, there's all the gear and equipment to keep in working condition and maintain, activities to plan (especially the Precision Skills & Training Program!), Tom Hiduk as Camp Director will have assignments that he will lead me through and delegate, and there's a beautiful community of delightful people to build relationships with and invite them to camp. The fun truth is this is camp! At a camp, there's always a person to connect with, a project to work on, a volunteer to call upon, an existing feature to maintain, or a new feature to imagine and build! This fall, since I started in October, the camp hosted two science camps for kids and a hymn sing for the community. Also, Trivia Night was a huge success! Workday Wednesdays are days when fantastic volunteers come and help with camp projects, maintenance, and building things. Don't forget the absolute adventure of planning and preparing the new Precision Skills & Training program!!!

Precision Skills & Training
What is a camper's number one requested activity? Archery! Precision Skills & Training is Stoney Point Camp's outdoor adventure feature for campers, including archery, tomahawk throwing, and slingshots! In the spring of 2024, Stoney Point will have new bows, arrows, and targets for campers, and there will be trained archery instructors teaching the skills and safety habits for archery. Tomahawk throwing and slingshots will also be part of Precision Skills & Training. Precision means "the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate." The purpose of the program is to enjoy a fun and safe activity while espousing life skills that such activities as archery, tomahawk throwing, and slingshots foster - skills like learning, patience, memory, endurance, focus, self-awareness, perseverance, self-discipline, being aware of others, and more.

A Quick History
At my previous church in Virginia, I was honored to serve as a youth leader for eight years, as well as serving as an elder and on the governing board. Working with the youth in church and the church district was so fun and rewarding; I'm anticipating that Kids' Camp will be an absolute blast this summer! I've also worked in management, some other service roles, and public utility design work.

Why Am I Here?
Serving in ministry has always carried the most meaning to me and given me the most satisfaction. For countless years, I've been surrounded by amazing followers of Jesus who have been so generous and gracious in teaching and inspiring me. Jesus Christ is center to my life. I love Jesus, and I love people. I've been hugely blessed beyond measure with incredible mentors, deep and meaningful friendships, and enriching opportunities to serve. I also love the outdoors and outdoor activities. I've enjoyed those activities in Northeast PA for several years and wanted to move here. As relationships grew and opportunities arose, I'm now here! I love how God works!

I'm Happy to Meet You!
Maybe you're a Camper, a parent, a volunteer, or you financially support the camp, or you pray for the camp....or a combination of these things! Since I'm new, and Stoney Point Camp is awesome, I look forward to the next chance to meet you...maybe even at Camp! Until then, thanks so much for reading, and may God bless you and equip you with all you need for doing His will!

Thank you guys!!

Camper Comments: See What People are Saying

My kids LOVED attending the Jr nature day camp! All three of them couldn't wait for the next day!

Person: Kara W.

Absolutely wonderful camp! The staff is amazing and their love of Christ and the children is so evident! They go all out for these kids. We will definitely be back next year and if you've never been to one of their camps, please do your child a favor and sign them up! Thank you to everyone at Stoney Point for am awesome week!!

Person: Brooke H.

Thank you Hiduke family for having a horsemanship camp,to help train our next generation on a Christian way of doing things right.

Person: David C.

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